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Hello everyone! thanks for adding me to this forum!
I have a Yamaha SA-50 all restored (Chery Red) but for more than 5 years I cannot find one KNOB!!! The only piece missing for a complete restoration job! It' s the TONE knob.... I have the knob, but it's missing the top "chrome" lid were it says "TONE"....If anybody wants to sell one, knows were I could get one or knows somebody who wants to sell one... PLEASE let me know? THANKS!!!!!
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Mr Stringmeister
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Re: SA-50 KNOB

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Hi Nandom,

These tops do get lost at times. Parts are pretty hard to get. The most obvious, but potentially expensive way, is to buy a 'rundown' Superaxe model. Strip it for parts you need and then sell the rest.

The problem is that you don't often see a nice 'rundown' for an attractive price.

What did you have to do to restore yours? Any photos and story to share?


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