Yamaha SA-60 (Semi Hollow Body Guitar)

SA60 - Body Front - DSCN1747The SA60 is a six string semi hollow body guitar. It was the second most expensive guitar Yamaha released in this series. Only the SA90 was more expensive. Both the SA60 and SA90 share the same horn design but they are otherwise totally different. Below a list of the most obvious differences:

  1. A full length piece of timber through the middle of the body to minimise feedback
  2. F holes without plastic baffles (obviously) and no binding (SA60 only)
  3. Headstock without Yamaha name but instead showing the Yamaha Tuning Fork logo
  4. Truss rod cover plastic instead of aluminium
  5. No balancing knob, instead two volume and two tone knobs
  6. Full, standard size humbuckers
  7. Slightly wider frets
  8. Large plastic saddles
  9. Braided, shielded wiring
  10. Sealed tuners

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Link to the SA60 Owner’s Manual

Below the SA60 information from the Yamaha Legacy Database (no longer available):

SA60 - Legacy Database

SA60 - Bridge & Humbucker Detail - DSCN1749

SA60 - Braided Wiring - DSCN1758

SA60 - Headstock Back - DSCN1753

SA60 - Headstock Front - DSCN1750

SA60 - Body Back - DSCN1751









Electric Guitar SA-60-75-90 Parts List - Page 2






































Electric Guitar SA-60-75-90 Parts List - Page 6


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