Yamaha SA-50 Pearl Series

Sometime in the early seventies, Yamaha introduced a deviation on the standard SA-50 model and named it the Pearl Series. This series comprised five new colours called ‘Marine’, ‘Sunflower’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Glacier’ and ‘Camellia’. The latter is a bright red colour.

Here a few brochures referencing the Pearl Series followed by some photos.

Pearl Series y1968_sa50-sa15_l

Pearl Series Yamaha SA c1973

YAMAHA- Electric Guitar Page 5

Here some photos of the Pearl series.

Pearl – Camellia
Pearl Series SA50B-Red

Pearl – Marine
Pearl Series - Marine SA50B-Blue

Pearl – Sunflower
Pearl Series Sunflower SA50B-Gold

Pearl – Glacier
Pearl Series Shadow SA50B-Silver

Pearl – Shadow
Pearl Series - Shadow SA50B

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