Finishing the hollow body guitar

October 2020 – Gluing in the neck and then fitting all the parts.

Kohekohe neck about to be glued into the Duovette guitar
Kohekohe neck about to be glued.
Kohekohe neck glued into the Duovette guitar
Kohekohe neck glued in and settling for the night…

November 2020 – Soldering and fitting all the parts into their places…

Duovette Guitar - Wiring Diagram
This guitar is wired as follows: Balancer potentiometer 2 x 500KOhm. Going into 3-way switch. Followed by a Volume Pot with treble bleed. A Tone Pot on the Output signal. The Balancer Pot can only blend the neck and bridge pickup when the Switch is in the middle position.
'Gretsch' Duovette guitar made by The Supposed Stringmeister
Wiring up the electronics and testing different value of capacitors.
'Gretsch' Duovette 2020 Guitar
Pulling the parts through into their location. Painfully slow work…