Stratocaster Finished

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111 - Strat  - Finished Wiring - DSCN1224DiMarzio Vintage pickups. Did not want to cut off the wires before trying them out for a while.



112 - Strat  - Finished Wiring - DSCN1223


Closeup of the guts. That tone bleed filter on the volume pot is really worth it. Don’t understand why most guitars don’t have it.




113 - Strat  - Finished Tractor - DSCN1220On the tractor. No idea why I took it.








114 - Strat  - Finished Nut Closeup - DSCN1219Closeup of the zero fret and bone nut. I decided to go for a very wide nut as a ‘feature’. Not very Strat like but I like it. The strip of timber immediately above the nut is Kanuka as well and glued on as a separate piece. (I was still testing the guitar with some old strings, so sorry about the rusty B string )




115 - Strat  - Finished Headstock - DSCN1217Headstock on green grass and blue skies.








116 - Strat  - Finished Front  - DSCN1210The Strat resting against the wall. I like the colour combination.

The Strat front.117 - Strat  - Finished Front - DSCN1212

118 - Strat  - Finished Back - DSCN1213The Strat back.







119 - Strat  - Finished Body R - DSCN1214I am happy!

120 - Strat  - Finished Body L - DSCN1215Very happy!

121 - Strat  - Finished Body F - DSCN1216








With my floor board guitar


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