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  1. Thanks, have started to build a Telecaster from native New Zealand timbers. I should create a page for Superaxe photos from other people.

  2. Nice to find some information on the SA-5! I have a Blonde with the original case, strap and tool kit. Love your builds as well and look forward to following the progress if you start on another.

  3. Maaate, cool website. The circuit diagrams have a single tone pot; this is the blend (front and rear pick-ups) pot right ?

    • Thanks, single volume, single tone, and one blend pot which Yamaha calls the Balancer pot. Aaaaahh, I see, the diagrams label two pots as Volume pots!! I will change that. The one on the far right is the Balancer for SA20, 30 and 50.

  4. Hi, love the website – great job! I have a 1966 Yamaha SA-5 on its way to me. Has the red finish.

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