Yamaha SA-20 (full hollow body guitar)

Yamaha SA20 - 01 - DSCN1298The SA20 is a twelve string full hollow body guitar. To compensate for the larger headstock and the twelve tuners, the guitar is nicely balanced by a suitably shaped piece of metal mounted on the inside of the tailpiece end of the body. Yamaha has done the same for the SA70 bass guitar. I’ll try to take a picture of it one day…

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Japanese brochures – translation welcome!

YAMAHA SA-20_0001

YAMAHA SA-20_0002









Page from Yamaha Guitar Database Legacy:

Legacy databases Guitar _ Guitar _ Yamaha SA20

 Page from brochure for the USA market (1968) :

SA-20 (1968 Yahama Guitar Catalog - Page 10)

Yamaha SA-20 Guitar Owner’s Manual:

SA-20 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 3 -  Layout)SA-20 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 4 - Features)

SA-20 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 13 - Illustrated Parts List) Full

SA-20 SA-30 SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 5 - Operation)




SA-20 SA-30 SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 6 - Operation)


SA-20 SA-30 SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 7 - Operation)
















































Yamaha SA-20, SA-30, SA-50, SA-70 Wiring diagram (Page 16 of 1979 parts brochure)


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