Yamaha SA-50 (full hollow body guitar)

Yamaha SA50 - 03 - DSCN1358The SA50 is a six string full hollow body guitar. The early model had a roller bridge with plastic rollers, the later model employed metal rollers. With the pickup switch in the middle position, the balancer knob allows for interesting tone combinations between both pickups. See graphics below.


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Japanese brochures – translation welcome!

The brochure below is actually showing an SA-5 – such a cool picture!


















Page from Yamaha Guitar Database Legacy:

Legacy databases Guitar _ Guitar _ Yamaha SA50








Page from brochure for the USA market (1968) :
SA-50 (1968 Yahama Guitar Catalog - Page 8)














Yamaha SA-50 Guitar Owner’s Manual:

SA-30 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 4 - Features)SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 1 - Layout)

SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 11 - Illustrated Parts List) Full

SA-20 SA-30 SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 5 - Operation)

SA-20 SA-30 SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 6 - Operation)

SA-20 SA-30 SA-50 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 7 - Operation)
Yamaha SA-20, SA-30, SA-50, SA-70 Wiring diagram (Page 16 of 1979 parts brochure)








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