Building a Stratocaster

Having successfully built a ‘hollow body’ guitar from Merbau floorboards, I wanted to build another type of guitar using some more leftover floorboards. What better guitar to copy than a 1962 Fender Vintage Stratocaster! I have always liked the versatility of the ‘Strat’ and my very first electric guitar I bought was in fact a cheap Japanese copy.

Digging on the web, I found the drawing shown in the photo below. Seemed like a good starting point. (Credit to ?? who created the PDF).

02 - Strat  - Fender Drawing -DSCN1003

And here are the tong and grooved floor boards. Two sets in mirror image. As each board is about 22 mm thick, I need two halves to make up a ~44 mm Strat body thickness.

01 - Strat  - 6 planks - DSCN1002

Below a photo of the completed project. Click the following links to read more about this project:

117 - Strat  - Finished Front - DSCN1212Building the Body

Building the Neck

Making the Inlays

Radiusing and Fretting the Fretboard

Shaping the Neck and Finished Neck

Photos of the Finished Guitar








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