Yamaha SA-70 (full hollow body bass guitar)

Yamaha SA70 - 01 DSCN1324The Yamaha SA70 is a four string full hollow body guitar. To compensate for the larger headstock and the four big tuners, the guitar is nicely balanced by a suitably shaped piece of metal mounted on the inside of the tailpiece end of the body. Yamaha has done the same for the SA20 twelve string guitar.

Some of the following Yamaha promotional material is what I have found on the web over the years and I do not recall from where. The Yamaha SA-xx Guitar Owner’s Manual was scanned for me by a local SA-50 owner who still had the original manual with the guitar.

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Japanese brochures – translation welcome!

YAMAHA SA-70_0002YAMAHA SA-70_0001









Page from brochure for the USA market (1968) :

SA-70 (1968 Yahama Guitar Catalog - Page 9)









Yamaha SA-70 Guitar Owner’s Manual:

SA-70 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 8 - Layout) full

SA-70 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 9 - Features)

SA-70 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 10 - Adjustments)

SA-70 (Yamaha Guitar Booklet Page 14 - Illustrated Parts List) Full







































SA70 Wiring Diagram:

Yamaha SA-20, SA-30, SA-50, SA-70 Wiring diagram (Page 16 of 1979 parts brochure)


















Another photo of my absolutely gorgeous SA-70 – all original.

SA70 - Sunburst - DSCN13151





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