Building a Telecaster

Having successfully built a Stratocaster, I decided I wanted to build another one of Leo Fender’s great guitar designs! So the Telecaster (made from New Zealand timbers) project was born.

Same procedure as before, digging on the web, I found a Tele drawing which again formed my starting point. (Credit to ?? who created the PDF).

As said, I wanted to build a guitar from New Zealand native timbers, so I settled for a Totara body, a Rewarewa neck and a Kohekohe fretboard. The latter two I got given by another guitar builder who also likes native woods. The Totara body was cut out of an old fencepost put in the ground some odd 60 years ago, and removed by us when needed to make space for a driveway. A nice token that it came from the family land. The photo below shows the post after I had removed the worn sides with a chain saw.

01 - Tele - Totara Post Sawing 01 - DSCN1446

Below a photo of the completed project. Click the following links to read more about this project:

38 - Tele - JvPP Telecaster 01 - front ver - DSCN1580
Building the Body


Building the Neck


Photos of the Finished Guitar